A digital news contribution system for transferring high quality video feeds (MPEG 2 format) at 2.5 Mbps - 10 Mbps rates, from remote locations to the broadcast center using dedicated Internet lines on IP. VidXpress is targeted at the Television broadcasters and offers to contribute live/archive video/audio feeds from various locations to the broadcast headend at a fractional cost of a DSNG setup. Using VidXpress, broadcasters can have the live/archived video feeds transferred from a single remote location or from multiple locations to the central broadcast headend facility using a point-to-point contribution and multipoint contribution facilities available.

Radio Logger
Video Logger

Salient Features

  • Completely Automated system for digital media creation, storage and distribution
  • Cost effective & Alternative solution for Traditional Satellite News Gathering Systems
  • Easy-to-use User Interface in a single window
  • Video optionally monitored externally via composite/S-Video outputs
  • Video optionally previewed in a window on host
  • Audio optionally monitored via external connection
  • Totally secure system with password-protected access to users
  • Remote Monitoring, Control and Administration