On-Air Radio logger provides a one-stop solution for your program logging requirements offering an automated, error proof and hassle-free application that uses cutting edge technology to keep automatic track of your radio broadcasts.

On-Air Radio Logger is a unique product that completely automates the process of monitoring, recording, storing and managing the archives of Radio programs.

Radio Logger
Video Logger

Salient Features

Completely automated system.
Totally Secure Access.
Easy retrieval of archives.
Digital quality output.
Hard Disk Recycling Mechanism for optimum storage.
Easy Backup Options in Audio CDs.
Remote monitoring on LAN/WAN.
Proof for Advertisers.
Lower Cost of Ownership.
Competition Monitoring - Monitor your competitor's channels vis-a-vis yours.

According to the Information & Broadcasting Ministry Guidelines, all radio and television broadcasters operating in India should maintain an archive of the News content broadcast for a period of three months. On-Air Radio Logger meets this requirement by recording programs "24X7" as it is broadcast.